Rounded Corners

Happy May Day!

We’ve had a few folks ask about the new rounded corners focus of the site, and how we did them. While we, personally, bought a program to do it that’s probably a bit more expensive than most would like to spend, there is a way for you to get rounded corners that are cheap and pretty. is a web site that will allow you to create a basic rounded corner box, a gradient, a bordered box, and a single rounded corner image. Pick your colors and degrees and the site will create the images for you as well as the code – you simply need to cut and paste where you wish it to appear in your site and put the text or image you wish to have in the box.

The reason for the focus is that our design was stuck in the 90’s. We wanted to make it a little cleaner and, frankly, while we started out as designers the past ten years has definitely turned us from designing to system administration so our design skills are a little lacking. (We’re also not the type of company that pays thousands for web site design, no offense to the designers that host with us – we’re kind of a function over form type of place).

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