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Twitter, and Keeping Up

So, months ago a client told us that we really needed to be on Twitter. Since I can't text on my phone to save my life, I didn't really see the point but I thought I'd give it a whirl as apparently all the cool web hosts were doing it. Despite initially having set it up as a business tool, I soon found myself addicted to the constant stream of nonsense and profound-ness. You really haven't watched a Presidential Debate until you've done so while bombarding Twitter with observations while seeing others reactions in real time. It wasn't, though, what I had intended it to be, and so I changed my Twitter name (you can follow me personally @jendraknet - I'll let the other staff post their Twitter names in the comments if they feel like being followed), gave the @draknet name back to the company itself, and have programmed both this blog and the network status blog to post a tweet with a link when we update with news. This will not be a chatty Twitter account (though we will follow back), but will get you alerts to news, policy changes, and issues without your having to check the blog (or for those of you that don't have a feed reader). Which brings us to the next topic... we found ourselves on the phone the other day with someone who was adament that it was our responsibility to ensure that folks knew about policy and server changes by email as well, because checking the blogs and/or the forums was just not something this person was interested in. While we're a bunch of civil liberty fans here and are all for people making their own choices about what they're interested in and not, we want to take this time to remind everyone very gently that we provide copious amounts of pointers to where you can find the news. It is entirely up to you whether you pay attention to it, whether you care, and whether you keep up. We fully support your right to totally ignore us other than when things break. That's your right. Please keep in mind that if you choose to do that, you're not going to find a plethora of comforting sympathy when you call us up screaming that your default catch-all email account doesn't work when we stopped allowing them nearly two years ago. I was an English Major in college, folks, and the only time I get to use that collegiate knowledge is writing copious amounts of documentation, news updates, and explanations to you all. I like to do it, it makes me feel all that money for my education wasn't wasted since I wound up in IT - so, I tend to be rather long-winded, and I like to write up every little thing. I can promise almost anyone that chooses to become crossways with us that we did announce this change somewhere, whether it was on the old Chat list, in an email newsletter (when we did them), in the blog, or in cPanel itself. We do ask that you make an effort to keep up. If you don't, again, that's ok - but we do ask that you not state we didn't tell you when we actually did tell everyone, and you just decided that you didn't want to keep up with the info. We've tried to make it easy for you by porting it into the blog - if you just want to follow catastrophes, you can follow the Network Status Page. If you want to know what changes we're making and what we're doing, you can follow this one. If you only want the actual news that affects your site and changes we make, you can follow just the news. If you don't want to come to the site, you can get the info in a feedreader or now on Twitter. If you want the News in email, you can subscribe to a service like and they will email you the feed just the way the old newsletters came. In short, like Burger King, you can really have the news your way, so we ask that you keep up with it if you feel that changes in your service are potentially a big deal. If it's not, that's ok - but if changes are something that you feel you should know about, you need to take the steps to set it up so that you make sure that you do. As much as we'd love to call all 2,000 of you on the phone... um, we can't. :)


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