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The Fascinating World of Blogging

written by guest blogger Jeanne Dininni Do you love to write? Do you also have a passion for a specific subject, one about which you could happily write away for hours and hours and hardly even notice time passing? Or do you have specialized knowledge, expertise, or maybe even credentials, in a specific area or field, as a result of in-depth study or years of experience in a particular line of work? Do you possibly even have more than one area of interest and/or expertise? If you’ve answered yes to the first question and at least one of the other three, you may just be a natural born “blogger.” What is a “blogger”? The simple answer is “A blogger is one who writes a blog.” Now, I realize that this definition may not really answer the question for those who don’t know what a “blog” is; so, just in case you may be in this category, let me explain. The word “blog” is a shortened form of the term “weblog,” which is a personal online journal, or group of regularly updated entries, called “posts,” centered around a particular topic or general subject area. There are many different types of blogs—as many different types, in fact, as there are different types of writers and different reader needs. Blog types range from an individual’s simple personal musings about a subject, which are much like a diary or personal journal, to a recognized expert’s sharing of knowledge on a particular topic, which can help the blog’s readers effectively deal with specific issues in their own lives. From inspiration and support for those who are interested in a particular subject or belong to a specific demographic group, to technical or other how-to information for those who need specific knowledge to help them succeed in a certain area of endeavor, a blog can be a simple and convenient way to get the desired information out there before your “public.” A fairly recent addition to the blogging scene is the company blog, where businesses post news, policy updates, and other company-specific information, as well as industry trends that would interest or benefit their employees and/or customers and help publicize and promote their product or service. It should be mentioned here, that, in order for your blog to enjoy any degree of long-term popularity and thus develop an appreciably large readership, it must be updated regularly. A minimum of 3-5 posts per week are almost mandatory to keep people coming back. Blogging is an up-and-coming trend that shows no sign of declining in popularity any time in the near future. So, if you haven’t done so already, why not consider starting a blog of your own? Everything you’ll need to know to enter the exciting world of blogging can be learned via a simple Google search. So, why not hop on the blogging bandwagon! I think you’ll enjoy the ride!


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