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World Community Grid Team Crunching Some Data

We got an awesome email from the World Community Grid Team about some of the results that are a-happening, thanks to the grid, that we wanted to share with everyone. For those who are unaware, the World Community Grid brings together people from across the globe who donate their idle computer time to create the largest volunteer computing grid benefiting humanity, and we formed an official Team made up of both staff and clients.
Just wanted to let you know how your donated computer cycles are helping improve the planet. FightAIDS@Home: Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 2:
  • The University of Texas Medical Branch has just launched an exciting project on the grid to identify promising drugs to combat Dengue and other related viruses
  • Phase 2 of the project is designed to reduce the number of Phase 1 false positives (i.e., dead ends)
  • As a result, Phase 2 will be much more productive, efficient, and rewarding
  • Sign up to contribute to this project!
Here is more information about FightAIDS@Home, Discover Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 2, or other projects running on World Community Grid. Thanks again for donating your computer time to help with these terrific projects. Please let a friend know about the World Community Grid - we need all the computing power we can get to keep doing this important work.
Our team has been kicking out those results lately:
In addition, our team returned 592 results for FightAIDS@Home, and 262 results for the Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together (now the Phase 1 Part), so to see that results came from something we participated in is very, very cool. If you’d like to participate in the World Community Grid and help our team try and beat IBM (hey, we can dream, right?), just visit this link and sign up!


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