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Frangible Friday: Get a Backup, Keep a Backup

If you’re wondering if we’re just looking for cool F-words that we can use in a goofy way along with the cheesy cow on Friday, you would be right.

Frangible is an adjective, and it means “capable of being broken.” In this case, what’s capable of being broken is your website. Yes, your web host probability keeps backups for catastrophic emergencies, but they could become corrupted, they could blow up, they could be in a fire… In short, if the existence of our backup makes your site safe, the existence of a backup in your hands will make your site even safer!

Beneath your Files section in your cPanel, there’s a button called “Backup Wizard”.

Like the same suggests, this is a magical button that will enable you to backup your entire site and get what we hosts commonly refer to as a “cpmove” file so that you can easily move from one cPanel host to another, or you can use the wizard to simply backup sections of the site that you would like to potentially be able to restore yourself without our intervention if something goes terribly wrong while you are changing things.

Once you click the Backup Wizard button, it will take you to the following screen. Since we’re not going to restore, you will click the link to Backup with the little arrow at the bottom in order to get to the 2nd tab at the top’s screen.

Once you get to the backup page, you have a choice – full backup, or partial backup.

Again, the full backup is going to get you one compressed file that you can give to a new host to move your entire site from one hosting service to another (as long as they are both cPanel), or if you need one to move from shared hosting to a Dedicated or VPS that also runs on cPanel. One of the benefits of cPanel hosting is that your site is extremely portable, and very easy to move. Since you obviously adore us and would never want to leave, we’ll go to the partial backup.

Clicking on any of those links will get you a backup that you can download directly to your computer in a tar.gz file. gzip (GNU zip) is a compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress, and if all you want to do is store the backup, you can leave it as it is until you need it as you’ll upload it to the restore mechanism compressed. PowerArchiver 6.1, 7-zip and Winzip include the gzip compression code and can decompress .gz and tar.gz files. Win-GZ can compress and decompress files in gzip format. Please note that gzip, 7-zip, PowerArchiver 6.1 and Win-GZ are freeware but you must register Winzip and PowerArchiver > 6.1 if you use them regularly. There’s MacGzip for – you guessed it – Macs.

To restore, you’ll simply upload the file in the restore area.

There are lots of situations where you could need a backup, and we’ve seen a lot of them. When we do a restore for you, we generally do a regular old cPanel restore where we just put everything back up there as it was on Sunday. We also tend to get a little ornery when people ask us to restore a backup every other week because they mess something up every other week. If you know you’re going to edit and change things on the fly frequently and if you know that you won’t remember enough to get things back the way they were, your best friend in the world will be your drive with your backup all nicely configured and working.

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