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Friday Funnies: The Coconut Carrying Octopus

Between all the staff, we could probably open up a zoo and have at least 6-8 species represented – of course, the animals would consider that “work” and none of them would agree to do it because all of our pets universally seem to think that work is something we do on their behalf while they whine directions.

We should introduce them to this octopus so they know how good they have it.

This industrious little guy has widely made the rounds and you probably have seen him already, but in case you haven’t, we wanted to show him off. He’s so impressive we felt he deserved his very own Friday Funny post.

The octopus below goes through a variety of levels of constructing his home from coconut shells, including a vastly amusing hike across the ocean floor while carrying one coconut shell to his other coconut shell. At the end, he gets a bit camera shy (or thinks he could incorporate a video camera into the living room, we’re not completely sure), but the full video is something that we guarantee will make you smile.

This video is just begging to be LOLed.

While the video is adorable, it also represented the first case of tool use – sophisticated behavior generally limited to mammals and birds – in an invertebrate, and the series of actions are among the most complex ever recorded in an octopus.

For more information about the video and the discovery, see the following articles:

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