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Why You Should Have a Company Blog

So many companies are active in social media and online marketing today it could almost be called easy to effectively market a blog. After all, blogs are part of the social media movement, and have become a simple, user friendly way to do far more than chat.

Yes, there are literally hundreds of millions of people on social media sites from Facebook to Twitter, but there are also quite a few regular blog readers who want more in depth information than quick social media drive bys can provide.

So what exactly does a company blog do?

It represents your company, usually in a more personal and more in depth way. It offers something different that your static home site does not. It creates opportunities, along with social media, to tap into a huge field of potential buyers. But how do you do all that?

First off, you need to set up a blog. 🙂

It’s simple to attach it to your site, or you can make it separate. That means you could go companyname.com/blog for example, or create a new domain name like mycompanyblog.com or create a subdomain like blog.companyname.com.  There’s a caveat, though, with where you put your blog especially when its a company blog and not a standalone endeavor, and that has to do with the SEO of the blog in relation to your company site itself.

One of the benefits of having a blog is that the blog provides fresh, continuously updated content on a site that usually otherwise stays pretty static. Putting the blog in a sub-directory gives your static site the kick it may need to climb a little higher in the rankings because the information on your site as a whole doesn’t really get stale.

Social media is a must to effectively market your company blog. There are many ways to advertise new content on sites such as Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and many others. It’s so simple that you shouldn’t have worries about mastering them, but you do need to realize they are there and a major source of traffic, and make it easy for people to share your content. WordPress.org has a number of plugins for this.

You should attempt to actively pursue (without driving people spammy nuts) getting readers from your Twitter or Facebook page to your site. The blog itself will be quite popular if you use social media marketing well. The point here is you are usually publishing new content on your blog more than your site. This gives you a chance to bring potential readers to your blog, then push them to your main company site.

Optimizing your blog for search engines isn’t quite as popular as social media marketing, but you’d be surprised how many searches there are on sites like Google and Yahoo. There may be hundreds of millions of subscribers on Facebook, but Google and Yahoo get that many searches almost every day. So you cannot ignore SEO; it’s far from obsolete. In tandem with social media marketing, your company blog can take off and really improve your main site hits.

This may be a small luxury, but posting to social media sites and your blog with specials is always a winner. “All hardcover books half off listed price,” is a good example. You need to connect your blog to your site in some way, to make it stand on its own and offer new ways to attract readers, and posting special on certain products or services is your best option.

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