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A Free Terms of Service Generator for Your Online Site

There are Terms of Service all over the Internet – they govern everything. They govern web hosting, mobile phone plans, bulletin board sites. You name it, and it probably has a term of service if its on the net. If you offer a service, you should have terms because its just a good idea to protect yourself. So gather up about $500-$1000 and run off to your local attorney.


Obviously, if you have a blog that’s more “My Cat is cute” than “icanhazcheesburger.com”, you’re probably not making enough to afford an attorney to write up Terms of Service to protect your interests even if it’s a good idea, and you would like to. Legal River’s got you covered with a free Terms of Service Generator.

This free online service will allow you to fill out a few pieces of information about your blog or commercial site and will spit back a fully formatted set of Terms that you can use as is, or edit to closer fit what you would like.

The have “General Terms”, “Sales”, and “Blog” terms available at no charge.

Keep in mind that this is generated off the Internet – while reputable, they aren’t your attorneys and changes you make could be a problem, so if you have a lot of money running through your site or a large and popular blog, it still would be a good idea to have an attorney check it over if you can.

  • We love Legal River’s service. Good call!

  • I was googling how to write a Terms of Service doc, and found your blog…. thanks

  • M. Li

    For anyone (still) looking for a terms of service generator and/or privacy policy generator, there is also Termsfeed:

    Terms of Service Generator: http://termsfeed.com/free/terms-of-service-generator
    Privacy Policy Generator: http://termsfeed.com/free/privacy-policy-generator

    Both generators are free to use.

  • Thanks for this article. It is useful to me when I was searching for terms of service.

  • Molrgan

    All I can say is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! you guys are AMAZING!