Friday Round Up: Cool Data in Pictures


Visual Economics is this really cool web site that takes complex data and turns it into nifty pictures so that the rest of us can comprehend all the numbers that the eggheads spew out.

They have some really neat ones like:

and this week, they made one about how the world spends their time online.

Someone asked us why we do articles occasionally on social media like Twitter and Facebook when we’re a web hosting company and social media is seemingly unrelated  to or, at worst, a competitor to traditional web sites that present information to an audience.

That premise ignores the fact that social media is not a replacement for current media, and web sites are still not only relevant but necessarily. You can have a web site without social media, but you are definitely at a disadvantage if you have a website without a corresponding social media presence as well.

If you’re still wondering why we’re so adamant that you get on the social media bandwagon if you have a brand, take a look at what the world is doing with their time and decide if your “brand” can afford to disconnect with people for the portion of their Internet hours listed below.


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