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Get a free web site design with

By now, most people that have web sites are familiar with the concept of open source software which is created collaboratively and able to be used and modified by you. What you may not be aware of is that there is a site that contains open source web site design templates that are downloadable and able to be edited and used in that same way.

Open Designs is a community oriented site, where users, members and designers can share their free website designs and templates, discuss web design and promote their services.

At last count there are over 1500 designs that have been uploaded to to be downloaded by end users, and downloading does not require an account with the site. is fairly strict about the types of templates that are uploaded and sets out the following rules for the templates:

# Designs must be valid XHTML
# No table-based layouts, tables should be used for tabular data only.
# Text cannot be contained within images.
# Buttons (e.g. W3C) are not allowed in designs.
# All images must be your own and not copyrighted.
# No JavaScript / DHTML is to be used in your design.

You can use the designs as-is, or as a jumping off point to edit more to your taste, with or without links to the designer.

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