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SiteAutoBackup Gives You a Free Backup Account

We know we’re not supposed to talk about other hosting companies as another hosting company being mentioned is kinda like the subway’s third rail, but occasionally we come across impressive services by other reputable hosts that are useful to anyone on any host anywhere. is one of those services. is a service by hosting company HostGator that automates daily backups of your site off site and at a different Data Center without you having to lift a finger after set up, and one of the nicest aspects about the service is that small sites less than a GigaByte in size can use the service to store backups for free.

If you don’t pay for the account and go with the free version, you can use it free until you need a restore – if you have to restore a backup on the free account, that will cost $25 for the restore. If you are keeping it for catastrophic purposes (i.e. the datacenter blows up in a blazing fireball), this is an excellent option for peace of mind at no charge at all.

For unlimited restores and a Gig of space for backups, the cost of the service is $1.95 per month or $19.50 annually. Each additional Gigabyte of space for backups (if you have a larger site or want more backups kept) is $1 per month.

The nice thing about this service is it works for more than just single sites. Resellers can give the service their WHM Login and it will backup all sites on the Resellers account and addresses a common problem for Resellers of not having root access to perform or access their own backups when using a Reseller account.

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