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Hope everyone had an awesome July 4th! Back to the grindstone… Forums. Most people don’t realize when they install software in Fantastico that even though the operations of the software isn’t generally directly supported by us (or most hosting companies, if you’re not with us), you’re not completely out in the cold without any place to learn. Most software developing companies, groups and individuals have forums that allow you to jump in and talk to others that are using the software, ask questions, and search for common problems and solutions. There are also web hosting forums not tied to any particular company where you can compare notes on your host, look for a new one, or get an overview on hosting specific issues as well as software issues.

General Web Hosting Forums

Web Hosting Talk Probably the grand-daddy of all web hosting forums, Web Hosting Talk has thousands of members, is always busy, and is the web hosting industry in full display (both good and bad). Skip a day of reading web hosting talk, click “new posts”, and you’ll find dozens of subjects you missed. Web Hosting Talk tends to be brash and a little sassy – in addition to being a place where both hosting owners and web hosting buyers come together in one place to chat, it acts quite a bit like the hosting industry’s BBB as unhappy hosters come in to vent about their issues and those in the industry on both sides take sides as the discussion goes on. Likewise, when hosters are pleased with their hosting company they often write an in depth review letting everyone know precisely why they are happy with their hosting and it may be the best place to get a true understanding of a hosting company. Due to the nature of Web Hosting Talk, these reviews are generally much more in depth than “Hey, Company A is awesome cool!” and give you a very good overview of the hosting company’s service. In addition to the reviews and occasional flames, you can purchase inexpensive web designs, get advice on almost anything with regard to a website, get security opinions, and much more. Anyone who is a host, or hosts, should definitely give it a look over. Hosting Discussion Similar to in Web Hosting Talk its scope, Hosting Discussion is less trafficked and a bit calmer hosting discussion forum, and seems to focused a little more towards hosts than host-ees, but its still a worthwhile forum for anyone with a web site, especially resellers.

Software Specific Forums

Software Specific Forums are designed to provide people using a particular software a place to compare notes, get opinions, get help, or post fixes that may be of use to other people.  If you ever uttered: “How do I do ____________ in ___________?” you likely should have been searching that question in a software forum, but someone probably asked it before you and if they didn’t, you should post it because someone probably has the answer. Some of the most popular software (and likewise the most popular forums) are listed below. (And they are in no particular order as I am just sticking them on here as they flit into my head). If we didn’t list yours, just put your software name and “forum” in a search engine, and you’ll most likely find one for the software you are using.


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