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Why do Developers seem to Love PHP?

PHP is the most popular and widely used server side scripting language in the world and is a recursive acronym for Hypertext Pre Processor. Originally created by Danish programmer Rasmus Lerdoff in 1995, its purity and simplicity of operation makes the language easy to learn. PHP is secure and stable to maintain. PHP can produce interesting web pages and attributes its popularity to make boring, static websites dynamic. These days it is used for server side scripting. By that, we mean it enables web pages to make choices based on user input and then output the appropriate content. For instance, in today’s real estate market, a company can show how much a house will cost monthly by demonstrating how much the mortgage, interest, insurance, and taxes will be according to the advertised list price of the home. A visitor simply puts in the amount of money they want to put down as a down payment, and the website instantly shows the average monthly payments.

So why do developers have such an appreciation for PHP?

  • PHP can handle heavy traffic websites on a daily basis during peak hours and includes lots of PHP scripts and functions. Basic PHP scripts can be created without an advanced knowledge of programming principals making scripts faster to develop. One script can drive 60 pages of content. The biggest advantage of this language over all others is that it can be downloaded for free, and for those on a budget or just the economically minded, its popularity is universal. Web developers can modify the website code at their own discretion.
  • Open source language of PHP is extremely user friendly and code snippets can readily be found in the public domain which helps the user exchange pieces of code and entire scripts with one another for best performance. Documentation can be found in many languages, on support groups, and on forums.
  • PHP is compatible with most servers and operating systems and environments and can create applications that will run on any computer which means a user can develop a project on Windows PC and upload it to a server running Linux.
  • PHP has revolutionized web development because of its simplicity with full-fledged programming language; (unlike HTML) complex applications can be written quickly when done properly.
  • PHP competes with numerous other web scripting solutions such as ASP (Active Server Pages) and Perl (none of these languages are considered as easy to use).
  • PHP offers a lot of server interfaces and can load into Apache, IIS, Roven, THTTPD, and AOL Server. It can also run as a CGI module.
  • Many users find the support for the database as the most powerful feature. Database interfaces are available for MySQL, MS SQL, Informix, Oracle, etc.
  • PHP supports XML and HTML which makes it easily converted into other forms making it possible to create animations, movies, graphics, and pictures.

PHP software developers can focus on each project with its unique tasks while counting on a dependable yet fast and consistent high performance program. For more information and helpful tutorials visit: W3 Schools at:


If you want to try some PHP scripts for your website, there are tons available at:


Of course, you don’t have to be a web developer to utilize PHP on your site. cPanel users can refer to the suite of Fantastico scripts that can be installed with a few simple clicks.

  • Justin Fortin

    I noticed that you cited w3schools.com as a source to learning about PHP. Other than that, this is a great article, but can I direct you here? w3fools.com

  • Matt Sharp

    This is great and valuable information about scripting and PHP . Learning php isn’t easy but once you’ve mastered it’s basics you can start using it for small benefits that one day might get higher than you ever imagined .

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    Fantastico scripts are very good and one click install makes them so easy