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A Small Orange Sponsors WordCamp Raleigh 2011

You know, there are a few good causes out there that just happen to align themselves with our business goals. WordCamp Raleigh just happens to be one of those special causes. As a Linux host, we recognize the value of open source projects like WordPress. Not only is it a superior blogging platform, but it is also a strong content management system. Projects like WordPress wouldn’t be possible without groups of talented enthusiasts.

This year’s WordCamp Raleigh featured three tracks:

  1. Users
  2. Power Users
  3. Developers

I rotated around and listened to some presentations from each of these three tracks. A Small Orange’s own CEO, Doug Hanna, gave a presentation for the Users track where he discussed his involvement with the creation of the WordPress.org Showcase. Rachel Nabors’ presentation on security was also a highlight. She shared some simple tips that anyone can use to improve their blog’s security.

WordCamp Raleigh was a terrific place for WordPress developers and users to network, share ideas, and learn. Hundreds of guests attended, and some sessions were absolutely packed. Next year, I hope they’re able to make the venue more flexible in order to accommodate the larger crowds.

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