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ASO Giveaway Contest – July 18th 2011

Hey All!

We are having a contest for iTunes (5 – $10 cards), Subway (1 – $10 card), & Regal Cinemas (3 – $10 cards) gift cards.

How does one win?
– Contest is based on speed & accuracy.
– At 3pm CST today (July 18th 2011) we are going to post a question to our FB.
– We are going to ask one question & the first person 9 people to post the correct answer to our blog comments will win.
– The cards will be allocated based on 1st come, 1st served. The order that you answer will determine the people that get to choose their gift cards first. Easy as that.

Rules: We don’t need no stinking rules! If you are human & follow the above guidelines, then you will win. If you should have any questions feel free to ask below or via @asmallorange on twitter. Thanks!

  • Katherine Terry

    i stay connected on my phone if phone dies than wi fi at mcdonalds.

  • Shoot! I’ll be in a client meeting this afternoon when the contest question is posted. Guess I’ll have to catch the next contest.