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Core Value #1: Service

Red carpet in HaarlemThis post is the first of six on A Small Orange's Core Values. Each post will be written by a different employee. I think that all of us have a lot of experience as the person on the receiving end of customer service, and we all know how important polite, prompt, and accurate service can be. We can get the best possible product, but if it's provided without a smile, it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. On the other hand, even if we're buying something that isn't the best available, a kind word makes the experience much better. I don't like calling my ISP or cell phone company's technical support line because there is a chance I will talk to someone who is already fed up with all of those calls, who doesn't really want to be there. That kind of approach gives me the impression that I'm bothering them - you know the feeling... you just know when someone on the other end of the line is rolling his eyes when picking up your phone call. Personally it makes me frustrated, and as a result, I'm less polite than I would want to be, which leads to more mutual frustration and a lose-lose situation. He is frustrated, I am frustrated, and we probably didn't even resolve anything. That's not the way we want to work, nor is it the type of service we want to provide to our customers at A Small Orange. We work hard to consistently wow our customers with service that is personable, timely, and accurate. When a customer comes to us with a request or with a problem, we want him or her to feel comfortable and welcome. And we want to be able to resolve that customer's issue quickly and completely. Our approach results in less stress and frustration on both ends. Providing a great customer service means a lot of things. It is of the utmost importance that we all like what we are doing. We enjoy communicating with customers, and not only through support requests. We like fixing problems and setting up new things that can help both sides. We are happy to go an extra mile, and to do something which wouldn't typically be in our scope of support if we think it will wow the customer. We also want to teach our customers about what we do and how we do it so that they can help themselves in the future. Ending a day with the knowledge that everything is running smoothly and that everyone is happy is a great feeling which we work hard to achieve every day. photo credit: daviddje


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