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Core Value #4: Zen

Zen rock on beach sandThis is the fourth of sixth posts on A Small Orange's six Core Values. If you look up Zen in the dictionary, you’ll find that it is defined as "a Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through Meditation." However, that's like asking a fish what the desert's like. So instead of just reading about Zen in the dictionary or on Wikipedia, we need to look at what Zen is based on the culture within which it is practiced. A student of Zen does not focus much on academics; the point of Zen is that enlightenment is gained through doing and being, rather than thinking. Instead of reading about a flower's beauty, they will meditate and gaze on the flower itself. Instead of worrying about being a "better student" of their faith (either better than someone else, or improving their own practices), they will simply "be a student" - and in doing so, the state of being a student is preserved from a lack of focus. At A Small Orange, we don't design web hosting - we are web hosting. We do not let thinking get in the way of doing, and we are not afraid to be adventurous. We know that we will never grow if we fear uncertainty. We do not lean towards bureaucracy- it creates barriers for getting things done. And while we are doing, we also want to make sure that we are being flexible and patient, but also stable. It is important for us to remain calm, and to focus on doing, so that our customers do not get worried if anything goes wrong. The peacefulness allows us to work more efficiently. It's also important to remember that we are dedicated- in our dedication, we learn best by doing, and immersing ourselves with web hosting. In this way, we are Zen in the web hosting mindset. photo credit: photoloni


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