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cPanel Bootcamp Wrap-up

This year’s cPanel Bootcamp was at the Sheraton in downtown Austin, TX. Since I live in Austin, not to mention was born and raised in the great state of Texas, I was very excited to have a large gathering of hosting professionals in my back yard. We had a small team of Oranges fly in for the conference so I was able to play host and chauffeur throughout the week. We started the week off with some famous Texas BBQ at Stubb’s. Then headed over to the opening reception for some drinks and casino style action. The money was all fake, which was good considering we all lost big time!

Nathan Day from SoftLayer kicked things off on Day 1 with a keynote entitled “How to build a billion dollar company with a small team and a few years”. There were lots of good nuggets of gold in his talk. Here are the ones that stood our the most for me:
The heavy use of automation keeps labor costs down and let’s your people focus on the hard stuff.

  1. Plan for positive cash flow. It doesn’t happen by accident.
  2. Hire slow, fire fast.
  3. Preserve the equity you build in the company for your top contributors.
  4. Keep innovating your products and your operations.
  5. What’s the end goal? Are you going to own the business forever, sell it in 5 years, or something in between? Figure it out and base decisions on your end goal.
  6. Preparation + Opportunity + Effort = Chance of Success

Our very own Jen Lepp also gave a presentation. Her talk, entitled “Converting Your Hosting Company to CloudLinux”, was well attended and received gobs of positive feedback. CloudLinux has been instrumental in helping us provide a healthy shared hosting environment to our clients. Jen’s talk was so galactically epic that members of Emperor Palpatine’s Imperial Guard showed up to glean some wisdom from one of ASO’s hosting Jedi’s.

After some fun on the trade show floor in the afternoon, we grabbed onto Jen’s coat tails and ended up at the speakers dinner. The staff at Olivia treated us oh so good. From small little puff pastries sprinkled with bacon infused powdered sugar to perfectly cooked filet mignon the food was amazing. Our meal was only overshadowed by the camaraderie of our team, the great conversations going on throughout the room, and getting totally photo-bombed by @travisellis who is apparently growing a Gambit mask out of facial hair.

We spent Day 2 visiting a local datacenter before heading back to pilfer the cPanel store. They had some of the coolest swag ever including his and her Fossil watches and sunglasses. If you hadn’t accumulated enough cPanel bucks then shacking your groove thang could get you just about anything you wanted. I happen to make it out with this cool OpenSRS action figure and a USB missile launcher.

Our week ended with a classic video game themed party. There were original Nintendo Entertainment Systems, classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, and more awesome Texas BBQ.

I think this picture of Dan Maret, our Assistant Director of Technology, sums up the night.