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Customer Spotlight: Applingua.com

Although our focus is on hosting, we're always curious about the different kinds of websites our customers are creating.  We recently reached out to our community with a short questionnaire to find out what they think makes their site stand out. In this installment, we'll discuss Applingua, a Welsh company that specializes in localizing Mac and iOS apps. WHO ARE YOU? Hello, I'm Rob! I'm 24 years old and Applingua is my first business after working for a Mac software company in Munich.  We localize Mac and iOS apps. I started the company after working at a software company where I found it difficult to source good localizers. I was born in Wales to Scottish and Italian parents and have lived in the UK, Germany and Italy. Although I pretend to speak three languages, Applingua's translators would never let me near a real app! My entire online presence is down to my website which I host on ASO. I've been a customer for years and years so there was no question about whom I would host my company's domain with. I like quality, ease of use and great support  - all three things ASO provide. WHAT IS YOUR WEBSITE? It's applingua.com. WHY DO PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOUR SITE? I try and make my website as simple as possible. ASO handles all the lengthy stuff like script installs and wordpress installations so I have more time to concentrate on making my site user friendly. I like clean interfaces and I hope my website represents that. Applingua is all about making app localization easy for developers, as it can feel like a bit of a chore if you've never done it before. We do it all for you so you only have to hand over your app and it's done.

Our aim is to be the best app localization agency there is. We spend hours perfecting our library of app specific terminology, ultimately providing the highest quality localizations you can get. We’ve had some cool clients trust us and we really love the industry we are in.

We recently also introduced the Knowledge Base, helping developers and translators get all the information they need about app localization. It isn’t a sales pitch, but instead pure honest information. I serve this for free on my website and so far the feedback has been really good! Want to be in the customer spotlight? Click here to fill out our Customer Profile Application!


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