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A Look Inside The ASO Logo Design Process

We at ASO have been hearing a lot of positive feedback about the logo and website makeover we unveiled at the start of 2012, and thought we’d get the talented folks at Kernel (the unbelievably awesome UK-based web design firm that reinvented our digital presence) to talk about the process that led to our fantastic new site and logo. Here’s some notes and images from Jon Lay, the principal at Kernel, and designer Arnas Goldbergas:

We went through an in-depth, iterative design process with the team at A Small Orange to deliver a design which communicated their central message of having a different, “homegrown” approach to hosting through exemplary service.

The whole project flowed smoothly. After moving through a series of wireframes and fleshed out layouts, we only produced one partial mockup of the site in Photoshop before moving into the browser to complete the design process in CSS.  We like to work with an end-product as soon as possible in our design workflow, so it’s always great to work with clients who are receptive to that method of working.

With the logo progressing well alongside this, we were able to integrate it tightly with the branding of Arnas Goldbergas and made sure the two fit perfectly together. Thankfully they trusted us with the site, and worked with us to make the minute, tricky decisions that will hopefully make the site a lot more usable for their customers!

Some notes from Arnas’s logo design process:

The idea for the logo came with the adjectives like friendly, personal, organic and technical. So the decision was to present an orange like the main object and add some detail to provide a professional and trusted feel.

Sketching and development
I started the process by sketching different layouts and shapes to get the most sensible solution. Two things that added some vintage flavor in the logo are the circular layout and the slightly laying banner.

Logo development
By digitizing the logo, I set up the proportions, shapes and space rules. I also tried out some different typefaces, experimented with a colors and added some shading to give it a more natural feel.

Illustrating the website
The main idea was to gain an organic, personal feel and to connect all illustrations with its styles and conceptions to the one story, which could be technically and conceptually integrated into the website design. After many sketches, redrafts and variations, I came with the general style, which gives the friendly and easy look for the visitors.

Special thanks to Jon and Arnas from Kernel for their great work in helping us reinvent ourselves.

  • Steven D. Sanders

    Bravo to the folks that worked on the new site, they definitely did an amazing job! ASO’s site is miles ahead of most other hosting companies.

  • Thomas

    Hey guys, just wanted to say your new website design does a lot for giving people a positive image of your company, its goals, and its capabilities. The information is easy to find, easy to understand, and easy on the eyes. Your web design was part of what helped me make my decision to host with you!

  • Very cool mock-ups. I loved getting to see the design process from scratch. It was truly refreshing to see someone go back to basics and create something so impressive. Hats off to you Kernel and Arnas Goldbergas.

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  • Nan

    Guess I’m in the minority, but I really liked the ‘old look’ better. It was fresh, crisp, and eye-catching. In fact, it was a major reason why I decided to look into hosting my websites with you. It gave me a feeling of confidence and assurance that it was a solid company.

    This design seems bland and rather boring, and I probably would look elsewhere if I was searching for a new hosting company.

    I guess ‘change’ is necessary (or so the marketing departments say), but sometimes I think familiarity has its merits.