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4 Apps Worth Checking Out

Here’s a list of a few interesting apps we came across. A social network for gamers, social weather applications, a virtual DJ booth and more!

What apps are you using? Anything interesting? Let us know in the comments!

The App: Playd
The Price:
The Function: This innovative app can be run on any game that has UPC-reading capability and allows gamers to “check in” to video games, letting their friends know which games they’re playing. The app also lets users earn points and Playd rewards while chatting with each other in real-time. Gamers can also connect via Xbox Live, PSN or Steam.

The Compatibilities:
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android.

The App: DJ Spooky
The Price: Free
The Function: Compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, this app gives users their own virtual DJ booth to scratch, filter and fade their own tracks. According to the iTunes description, the app will, “play sound effects over the tracks, including special sound effects created by DJ Spooky for this App. The App will mix music for you automatically or you can use the built-in DJ Spooky Mixer to mix the tracks yourselves in a party.”

The Compatibilities: iPhone, iPad.

The App: Metwit
The Price: Free
The Function: Metwit is a social weather application that allows users to get accurate weather updates through their iPhone. Using bright and colorful local and world maps, users can see real-time weather updates for activities like outdoor sports, commuting or traveling. Metwit also encourages users to give updates about the current weather themselves, adding value and accuracy to the app for other users.

The Compatibilities: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

The App: Skip Tunes
The Price:
The Function: This app sits discretely in the OSX Bar of the users Mac and allows users to easily control their iTunes, Spotify or Rdio (through the F-keys) without interrupting the other computer functions. This app has gotten special attention for its ease of use and great looks.

The Compatibilities: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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