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4 Content Curation Tools

I have a bad habit of losing my watch. After a long day on campus I will take it off and leave it any number of places: the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and the list goes on. This inevitably leads to frustration later when I need to go out again and can’t find my watch, even when I wrack my brain to remember where I put it.

Looking for things can be frustrating when it becomes time consuming or mentally draining. This same principle applies to the internet. With so much information, sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to find the content you are looking for. Sometimes a search engine just doesn’t cut it to get exactly what you need for your blog or social networking site in an efficient manner.

Fortunately, there are various content curation toolsets to aid in synthesizing topic-specific information in organized formats. These tools can be a great help to people quickly generate meaningful and relevant content for their site, without the hassle of having to sift through loads of irrelevant information.

Here’s a few curation tools that may save you some time and energy. What tools do you use to gather specific types of content? Let us know in the comments!


CreationSoft is a tool for blogs that lets you search YouTube, Twitter and other sites for topic specific information. Generating content about penguins? Creation soft can give you videos of the Antarctic, blog posts by penguin enthusiasts, and a Twitter feed for a wildlife conservation group in South Africa. By simply clicking a dragging information from the CurationSoft window to your blog, this content curation tool is worth a try.


According to its website, Storify allows you to “[bring] together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative.” The search feature lets your peruse social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to find content to create a multi-media, multi-voice story all in one place. Post a link to a New York Times article, then post tweets about the same event. After constructing this initial narrative, you can go back and insert your own commentary.


Scoop.it! gives you the ability to create a virtual and personal magazine for yourself with stories that are topic-specific. Are you a coffee snob or a basketball junkie? Let Scoop.it! crawl the web for you and create an organized and aesthetic page of latte art blogs and NCAA polls. What if you find something while browsing that you want to read later? Just “scoop” the site and it ends up headlining your magazine.


“Create the world of your interests” is the tagline of Pearltrees. This content curation site allows you to follow and post content related to your interests or “trees.” Each tree is made up of individual pearls: a blog post, a movie clip, an interview, or what have you. You can also choose to follow the trees of other users with the same or similar interests. When you and another choose the same pearl to post (say, a video clip of a beginning guitar lesson), Pearltrees gives you the option to follow that user. This creates an interesting web of connections that connect you to what you love the most.


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