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5 Great Websites For Finding Creative Inspiration

Everyone needs some sort of creative outlet. Whether it’s music, writing, or what have you, a daily creative practice can be a tremendous benefit to your overall happiness and self-esteem. Research even suggests that cultivating creative habits can also have long-term mental health benefits.

Looking for some creative inspiration yourself? The following websites provide a broad range of resources for channeling your own originality and creativity, regardless of your preferred medium.  Dive in and be inspired!

What sites do you go to for inspiration? Let us know in the comments.


Most of you reading this have at least heard of Tumblr. Tumblr users have generated a staggering +10 billion posts since its inception. The vast site allows users (after setting up an account) to follow other Tumblr blogs according to an asymmetric follow/follower model. Although users do not select themes to organize their images (like Pinterest, for example), the site’s use of tags makes it easy to find and repost images on your own blog that are specific to your own interests. In addition, many Tumblr blogs follow a certain theme, such as architecture, photography, fashion, etc. This allows users to tailor their newsfeed to their own particular interests, and receive posts that are especially inspiring to them.


Drawn is a fantastic resource for those interested in painting, drawing, design and animation. The site is managed by eight bloggers who post on a regular basis with images and videos that are discovered or submitted by followers of the blog. The site features a wide array of creative mediums, from short independent films to web comics. Submitting an image or video to be posted on the blog is also very easy and only requires a link the content you want to submit.


Typographica is a great creative resource that features content related to typeface, fonts and print design. The site also posts reviews about books dealing with typeface, typesetting and printing. A host of featured typeface and font designers can be found Typographica as well, showcasing a slew of different inspiring designs. In addition to this, Typographica also encourages readers to share their own typeface and fonts.


VisualizeUs is also a good place to find visual inspiration. The site’s unique approach to photo sharing allows users to bookmark images from nearly anywhere on the web and submit them to VisualizeUs. Users can “like” images and in doing so boost the image’s chances of appearing on the front page. Users can also add other users of the site to their “watch list” to be informed when new postings occur. One unique feature of this site is emphasis on users giving credit where credit is due. In addition to listing the source of the image, users are also encouraged to list the copyright holder of the image when possible.

Swiss Miss

Swiss-miss.com is a design and studio blog run by an NYC designer Tina Roth Eisenberg that provides users with quirky, sometimes off-the-wall creative inspiration. The blog also showcases pieces from Eisenberg’s studio available for purchase through the site.  Finally, Swiss Miss features a slew of inspiring ideas for the with children, with images promoting healthy children’s activities and play objects.

A few clicks around on sites above also make it easy to stumble across other related websites that inspire creativity through images and videos.