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A Small Orange Community Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2

Happy leap day, and welcome to the ASO Community Newsletter!  
As always, we promise to keep our content short and relevant.

What’s New?
ASO Daily Blog/Weekly Digest

The ASO Blog is now publishing daily posts featuring information hand-picked for the ASO community.

We’ve got links to helpful hints for designers and developers across all levels of expertise, posts about interesting apps, social media tools, content generation, and more.

Is there a specific topic you’d like to see? Leave us a comment on the blog or holler at us on Facebook, Twitter, or G+. We’d love to know what you’re looking for.

Also, every Friday, the ASO Blog will provide a weekly digest of all the blog posts and articles we’ve shared from Monday through Wednesday. Check it out here.

ASO is on Linkedin
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Twitter haiku contest

We kicked February off with a contest that asked our community to express their love for ASO through a haiku poem over Twitter, in exchange for ASO t-shirts and Moleskines. Here are the winning entries (in no particular order) listed by Twitter handle.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and keep an eye out for more contests!

@Sunfell Domain deadline missed/ Calm staff member helped me out/ Thank you, ASO.
@EskimoJill A Small Orange knows / I am not just Customer / 85624
@IBBoard “A Small Orange host/top notch service they can boast/homegrown quality”
@fortinj1354 Industry Leading / Indubitably the Best / Homegrown Perfection
@olegb A small fish like me / Finds the web ocean unfair / Feeling safe with you

Cool Web Tools
WP Remote

Are you a WordPress user? Are you in constant need of updates and backups?

Check out WP Remote, a free tool that gives you a single place to monitor and update all your WordPress sites. It handles updates to installed plugins and themes remotely via the WP Remote website and provides quick access to core updates. It is also capable of creating full off-site backups. Check it out here.

Team Update
ASO has been fortunate this month to have a few talented folks join our team in various capacities. A warm welcome to Greg, Matt, and McKinney- we’ve enjoyed working with you thus far, and look forward to a great 2012!

Thanks so much for reading! We’ll see you next month!

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