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Power Tweeting Tools & Tips

Twitter has indeed taken over as one of the biggest hubs for personal, business, political, and news activity on the Internet. Maximizing your presence on Twitter should be among your chief strategies to developing your online presence. Frequent tweeting alone won’t get you very far though. To become a true power user, you should have a well-planned tweeting strategy that capitalizes on Twitter’s structure and the habits of Twitter users. Here’s some suggestions to follow:

1)      Schedule your tweets

Scheduling your tweets can have a tremendous impact on increasing the visibility of your Twitter account by capitalizing the times of the day when your followers are the most active. This has proven to be an effective strategy if executed properly. Some resources for tweet-scheduling during peak times throughout the day can be found on these sites:

Timely.is – Tool for scheduling tweets at different times throughout the day.

Tweriod – Matches your tweets and your followers’ tweets to schedule the tweets that match up best with the times of day particular followers are active.

Tweet Deck – Another tool that lets you create a calendar for tweets.

2)  Interact with your followers

Interacting with your followers can have a very positive effect on the effectiveness of your account. Tweeting at and Retweeting your followers can greatly increase the loyalty of your network. Creating simple contests, posting riddles or taking polls can also increase interest in followers looking for your tweets in their newsfeed.

Twtpoll – Allows you to create polls and surveys for Twitter

A good blog post on interacting with your Twitter follower base.

3)  Be interesting

Sure, you want to promote your blog, business, or organization, but spamming your followers with nothing but tactless promotions? This sort of activity will have your followers fleeing towards the “Unfollow” button. Make sure that you are tweeting about things that your followers are interested in, regardless of whether or not they relate to your business. Need some inspiration for interesting topics? Check out Google Reader or Story Crawler for finding links to fun and informative content:

4)  Integrate

Post links and badges to your Twitter account on your site, blog, Facebook page, and any other site related to your account. If people are checking out those sites, there’s a good chance that they will take up an opportunity to follow you. Check out these unique tools for integrating other your other sites with Twitter:

ManageFlitter– Gives you tools to manage your Twitter account and links it to Google+.

5)  Generate Retweets

Generating retweets should be among your chief concerns when looking to increase your Twitter presence. Getting your followers to repeat your tweets ensures that your message is gaining traction in the twitterverse. Get three people to retweet you, three retweets from each of their lists of followers… you get the idea. So keep the tweets flowing, but remember to post things that would appeal to a wide audience.

6)  Grow your follower base

You can’t increase your Twitter presence without increasing your follower base. Getting people to follow you is evidence that you are keeping things active, fresh, and interesting. Getting users to follow you directly can have some benefit as well by going through the follower lists of similar Twitter accounts and selecting accounts to follow.

The idea behind this is to get these users to follow you back If you’re a small business or organization that is just getting started, this can be a good way to get the ball rolling. This can be time-consuming though, and a bit of an annoyance on the other end of things. If you’re following the above tips, however, and you have a critical mass of followers, you shouldn’t have too much trouble in people opting follow your account. The following are some sites that help you manage your own account and offer some tools for helping you to get followed back.

Twilert – Alerts you when someone mentions your brand name, Twitter handle, etc. Great tool that makes it easy to follow people who are interested in what you do.


Commun.it – Lets you discover leads that have shared links to your site and manage other content; a great tool to connect to potential followers and get them interested in following you.

What are some strategies that you have used to increase your presence on Twitter? Post in the comments!