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WordPress Week: Resources for WordPress Plugin Developers

Are you a WordPress user? Are you always on the hunt for different ways to improve your site and skills? Need some security tips? Cheat sheets? We’ve got you covered. Over the next week or so, we’ll be posting tips and resources for all things WordPress-related. Looking for something specific? Know of any cool sites we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy.

Are you a WordPress plugin developer looking to broaden your skill set and improve the efficiency and functionality of your WordPress site? You’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find a list of blog posts, tutorials, and other tools that are geared towards the intermediate level developer.

How to Create Your Own WordPress Functionality Plugin

In this post, WP Candy teaches you how to increase the functionality of your WordPress site by adding a functionality plugin. This plugin ensures that your site’s vital operations are not tied to the volatility of a WordPress theme that will eventually change.

Your First WordPress Plugin: Simple Optimization

This great post from Tuts+ walks you through the basics of creating a useful WordPress plugin that speeds up your WordPress blog. It also gives you screenshots of the final code for reference.

Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques 

Here’s another good Tuts+ article dealing with using object-oriented code to organize and add reusability to the work you have put into constructing your code. This post teaches you how to incorporate OOP techniques into the codes of your plugins, thus maximizing their efficiency.

WordPress Hook Sniffer

According to the author, jeffsayre, the “WordPress Hook Sniffer plugin is a tool for plugin developers that helps determine the sequence in which action and filter functions are fired.” This program lets you look into the plugin API and tinker with what output you want to send where. This tutorial will help you interpret the Hook Sniffer output to use the tool most effectively.


PHPXref is a fantastic tool that was set up to make it easy to browse PHP documentation and PHP itself. This is a great resource to have when working on large PHP projects related to your WordPress site.

WordPress Plugin API

This is a solid post from WordPress.org that has loads of essential plugin development information. The article ensures that you, the developer, have a good grasp of API hooks that WordPress developers can use.

How to Write a Restricted Content Plugin 

Here’s another plugin tutorial from Pro Blog Design that provides the tools you need to create a restricted content plugin from scratch.

10 Things Every Plugin Developer Should Know

Finally, this list of ten things that each WordPress plugin developer should know should prove incredibly useful for your plugin projects.

What are your go-to sites when you’re looking to expand your plugin skills? Let us know in the comments!