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12 Helpful iPhone Apps

Hey iPhone users! We’ve created a post just for you with 12 of the most innovative and useful iPhone apps for your downloading pleasure.


GasBuddy tells you where to find the best deal on gas in your city, or an area in which you’re traveling. Just enter a city and state (or a zip code) and let GasBuddy find the best deals on fuel for your vehicle. In addition to this, you can filter search results by gas type and distance. Crowed-sourced updates help keep these prices up to date.


As the name suggests, this app helps you keep track of your daily run. In addition to plotting geographical locations and distances, iMapMyRun+ also includes stats like average speed and total elevation. There’s also a daily calorie tracker.


We have talked about Dropbox a fair amount on the ASO blog before, but I think it deserves another mention in the app world. The app extends Dropbox’s usability to the iPhone by letting you upload and view documents in the cloud, just like you would do from your computer.

Find My iPhone

If you’re prone to losing or forgetting things, this app is for you. With Find My iPhone, you can track the geographical location of your phone from another internet device. Is your iPhone lost around the house? Find My iPhone will instruct your phone to play sound at full volume even if it is set on silent.


ShopSavvy lets you scan the barcode of an item and compare prices to other locations nearby where that particular product is sold. Great for penny-pinchers and thrifty college students.


This site is already famous for saving you loads of money on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Get all that and more on the go with this helpful app.


… And while we’re on the subject of travel, let’s talk about GateGuru. This app makes organizing and planning your air travel an absolute piece of cake. Manage your frequent flier miles, plan the time needed to get from one gate to another and get a restaurant review. All this and more for free, this app is a must have for the frequent traveler.


Manage your finances on the go with Mint.com’s iPhone app. Keep track of your checking and savings account, as well as investments and credit cards. In addition, plan your budget and track your spending with a few taps on the screen. Managing your finanaces has never been easier!


MyFitnessPal is another exercise app that has taken off with its user-friendliness and usefulness. Track your exercise routine from day to day and monitor your progress. Additionally, plan and log your food intake with MyFitnessPal’s vast database of food and drink choices.



Want to add some spice to your to-do list while being more productive? Weave easily organizes your tasks, the time it takes you on each one, and a “Percent Complete” feature. Weave even let’s you add income and/or expenses to your tasks, taking your to-do list to a whole new level or organization.

Web MD

While you might not use this app every day, who wouldn’t want a vast medical database (literally) at their fingertips for free? Coming down with something? Check your symptoms right as the start occurring. In an emergency? Just whip out your iPhone to reference everything from basic first aid to CPR.

Smart Ride

Do you use mass transit in a major metropolitan area? If so, keep track of trains and buses with this app. Smart Ride uses your location to locate nearby transit stops and helps you plan your route. Also get alerts when delays occur to help you plan your route more efficiently.

Any apps not listed here that have saved you time, money, or hassle? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Aimée

    I’d actually recommend LoseIt over MyFitnessPal. Otherwise, great apps!