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6 Places To Find WordPress Plugins

Looking for plugins for your WordPress site? These six links contain a wealth of resources for those looking to increase the efficiency of their sites (as well as all the other magical things that plugins do).

Where do you go to find WordPress plugins? Let us know in the comments.

WordPress Plugin DirectoryTo start off, we’re going to take you straight to the source, the WordPress Plugin directory. Not only is it the largest collection of WordPress Plugins on the internet, it also has the tools you need to sift through the clutter and find exactly what you’re looking for for your site. In addition to a search feature and sorting by tags, the WordPress plugin site features the post popular and effective plugins on its front page for your convenience.

WPMU gives premium members access to hundreds of plugins created by other members free of charge with a membership. If you lean more on the frugal side of things, not to worry: WPMU also offers loads of downloadable plugins completely free without a membership. WPMU developers offer top-notch quality plugins and are definitely worth checking out – whether or not you are a member.

Net Tuts+
Next, Net Tuts+ gives dozens of valuable plugins for a WordPress site just starting out. Tuts+ sorts them into categories incluing SEO, analytics, performance, and more.  This is an excellent list of plugins for running an effective site from the get-go.

WPMU 2.0
Another WPMU resource, this post offers some guidance in extending your WordPress site’s content management system capabilities. These 20 plugins give you great free range in controlling and managing a huge range of aspects on your WordPress site. Of special note was the CMS Dashboard that allows you to move with increased speed and ease through common WordPress tasks.

Make Use Of
Make Use Of gives you a huge list of useful WordPress plugins here. This trove of free, downloadable plugins is sorted in according the functions of the plugins including SEO, core functionality and comments. One of these plugins that jumped out at me was a one called “What would Seth Godin Do,” which launches a “welcome box” the first five times a visitor comes to your site. This box encourages the visitor to add your site to their RSS feed or connect with you via social media.

Site Sketch 101
Site Sketch 101 rounds out this list with a short but good-quality list of tools to add to your site. Revision control was a great plugin that stuck out to me as a useful addition. This plugin gives your site the ability to easily adapt to future versions of WordPress with speed and ease.


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  • Ok that’s great. According to my knowledge The WordPress Maintenance are .Back Up,Checking Plugins,Updating etc..WordPress,Check Your Links,Improving Security etc..1) Backup your database and your files. You can use a number of plugins (Backup buddy is a good one) to do this, or if you trust your hosting company, there is often a file and database backup utility within your cpanel.2) Update plugins. This one is easy. Go to your plugins and look for any that need to be updated. All you need to do is click the update button and you’re done.3) Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress. WordPress will tell you on your dashboard if you need to upgrade. Simply follow the instructions – it’s not difficult.4) If you’re not using the akismet plugin, you can get it here – AKISMET . This will protect your site from spam.