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Our third post on social media platforms for small business involves the "it" site of the moment, Pinterest. Check out our other posts on social media from this week- we covered Twitter yesterday, and Facebook on Monday. Pinterest is one of the latest social media sites to hit it big. And by big, we mean HUGE. It’s already responsible for generating a great deal of user traffic- many have pointed to its "hockey stick" growth in the last year.  Looking to get in on the pinning? Here are some ways to get some of that traffic to your websites. If you're already using Pinterest, let us know what strategies you're already using. Just leave them in the comment section! 1. Match Your Target Audience Pinterest has a very particular target audience. 87% of all Pinterest users are female. 80% of all users are evenly spread between the ages of 25 and 55. Their favorite subjects tend to be food, travel, craft and design. If this seems like the sort of people who would be interested in your product than you’re in the right place. It may seem like common sense, but Pinterest is visual based. If you can’t create a pleasing photo or video of your product or service, it might not work as well as others.

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2. Create Your Own Pinboards Pinboards are groups of photos that have a theme. On Pinterest, these groups can be just about anything, from the general to the incredibly specific. There are Pinboards as general as wedding ideas, and as specific as super hero cufflinks. Create a Pinboard that will supports your products and services. Architectural firms can create a collection of photos of buildings. Travel firms can create a collection of amazing destination spots. A business could create a Pinboard that is a collection of web coupons. Don’t forget: videos are also pinnable items. If you have them, add them to your Pinboard. 3. Create a Theme, Not Another Catalog Pinterest is about variety. You could create Pinboards that are nothing but photos of your own products, but it won’t get much attention. However, if you open it up to grand themes you are more likely to get interest from a wider audience. Instead of just showing all of your vintage camera’s, have a collection of vintage cameras from all over the web. Just make sure you’re makes up a large bulk of the photos. This would work with coupons as well. A collection of coupons culled from the web would be great. And if a few of those coupons are for your business, even better. 4. Create a ‘Pin It’ Button If you have a lot of images on your website, be sure to include a ‘pin it’ button. This will allow Pinterest users to easily capture the images and videos from your website. The more people who post your images, the better, so why not make it as simple as possible to do? Here’s how to do it: Pinterest Pin 5. Create a Full Description on Your Pinterest Profile Many people miss this step. It’s not just that you want a great picture for your profile, but you also want to give as much information to people as you can. Remember to post links to your other social networking accounts, such as Facebook and Twiter. 6. Remember the Purpose You’re using Pinterest to drive users to your website. So make sure you have something for them when they arrive. Jazz up the pictures and videos on your site. Make sure there are plenty of them and that they are clear and easy to identify. If one photo brings someone to your site, be sure they have a handful of others that they can ‘pin’ to their own pinboards. If you’re on WordPress, you can even include a widget for your site. Check it out at WordPress.

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Pinterest Links Here are a few links that will help you out: Pinterest Help Page This page will give you some information, including how to set up your own Pinboard. Pinterest 'Pin It' This is the instructions for how to create your own 'pin it' button WordPress Widget For creating a Pinterest widget on your WordPress page      


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