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7 Interesting iPad Apps

Looking for new, fun, or useful apps for your iPad? Check these out!
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Name: LetterMpress
Price: $5.99
Function: If you’re like me, you find the art of print making fascinating. Although rather obsolete nowadays etching, woodcut and type prints where the primary form of written communication and illustration for centuries. LetterMpress combines the magic of printmaking and technology to allow you to make your own virtual prints on your iPad. Choosing from a host of movable type pieces in a virtual print shop, you can press away your very own vintage images and messages in a variety of shapes and colors.


Name: Zite
Price: Free
Function: If Pandora were a magazine, it would be Zite. This app allows you to create your own virtual magazine by selecting from a variety of specific themes from photography to cars. After compiling a list of interests, Zite organizes articles related to your interests in a magazine format for your iPad. Through “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” features, Zite gets smarter and gives you more and more of the output you want.


Name: Showyou
Price: Free
Function: Receiving App Store Rewind’s award for Best Social Networking app for the iPad, Showyou is making great strides in popularity among iPad users. Showyou invites you to create two-dimensional grids on your iPad that showcase videos that your friends share via social media outlets likw Facebook and Twitter. You can also customize your own grid by following grids from others, including grids from popular TV shows and TED. Showyou also allows you to save videos and watch them at later points in its “Watch It Later” feature.

Name: Google Currents
Price: Free
Function: Google Currents is a great app that lets you see what’s trending on the internet in real time. This app keeps you posted on what is going on all over the world by showing you what stories are popular now in a virtual magazine format. What distinguishes this app from Zite is its “Editions” feature. Publisher editions allow you to keep up with many print sources including Forbes, Techcrunch, Saveur, Popular Science, and others. Google Trending editions uses search technology to compile the top five trending stories in certain areas like sports, entertainment, politics and more. Google Currents also gives you the option to construct your own editions through your own blogs and feeds.

Name: Anti Crop
Price: $0.99
Function: This is probably my favorite app on this list. Anti Crop does exactly what it sounds like, it literally “anti” crops your photos by allowing you to expand an image effortlessly through auto-fill technology. Want to straighten out a crooked photo? No problem. Anti Crop can fill in awkward corners to make it appear the picture was taken straight up and down.

Price: Free
Function: CloudOn combines Microsoft Office and Dropbox to allow you to work in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint right from your iPad. When you’re finished working, you can save your documents by depositing them in your Dropbox account. Don’t use Dropbox? It’s free and easy to sign up at here.

Name: Dijit
Price: Free
Function: Dijit uses Beacon from Griffin Technology to create a universal remote on your iPad. Dijit lets you decide when and where each button appears for your TV, Stereo or other device, thus simplifying the problem of having too many buttons on too many remotes. You can also customize Dijit to only show TV channels you watch, saving you the hassle of scrolling through channel after channel of uninteresting material. You can also program you own buttons through the “Activities” feature to, for example, turn off multiple devices simultaneously.