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Social Media & Analytics Tools for Small Business: Part 1

So you want to create a strategy for growing the presence and reputation of your product online. Where do you start? These services offer a wide spread different tools to build up your positive reputation online and reach more customers.

Wildfire gives you an arsenal of tools to manage your large or small business across a host of social networking sites. One of the most exhaustive and effective social media solutions out in existence, they’re well worth their price ($5.00/day or a customizable plan). As a testament to their effectiveness, Wildfire is used by a large number of national and international brands and services.

PageLever is also a great resource to help you with your social media marketing. PageLever puts you in control with detailed daily reports for a great competitive edge. One great thing in particular is that it breaks down your social activity by gender and age, ensuring that you are reaching your target market.

Lithium helps you identify your most loyal customers throughout different social networks and shows you who they are and what they are saying. Engage these customers by boosting their enthusiasm for your brand and thus helping the presence and reputation of your product or service.

SamePoint is a conversation tracker the gives you the lowdown on who is talking about your brand within blogs and social networks. This tool then organizes these conversations into tag clouds for your perusal. SamePoint is probably the simplest tool on this list to use considering is minimal interface.

What social media monitoring tools have worked for you? Please let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for Part 2 on Tuesday!