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Using Google+ for Your Small Business

In our last post, we talked about one of the hottest social media outlets on the internet: Twitter. Today we’ll turn to a social network that many people may bit a bit more dismissive of, Google+.

Let’s be honest, after its greatly anticipated arrival, touted as the next Facebook and so-on, Google+ simply did not live up to the hype. Whether you are one of the relatively few active users on Google+ or someone who is perfectly content with this social outlet, it’s no secret that it’s a network that is stagnant at best. So why use it for your small business?

There are two good reasons that can be teased out of internet experts as to why you should use Google+ for your business. One, Google+ is more about social networking, it’s about search engine optimization. The unique association with the most used search engine in the world is reason enough to invest some time in creating a profile for your small business. To quote one of the articles below, “You [create a Facebook page] because your customers are on Facebook, you join Google Plus because searches happen on Google.” Secondly, Google+ is more active than you may realize. Over the past quarter, Google+ has doubled its users to a total of 100 million. With less clutter than Facebook too, it’s easy to search for people with similar professional interests to add to your circles. This strategy worked great for internet entrepreneur Neil Patel that he talks about on his blog (the third article below).

So check out these resources below and let us know what you think. It may be time to give Google+ a second chance.

Google+ Branding and What It Can Mean for Your Business
This great post looks at what Google+ branding could mean for your business and how accounts like +NPR and +Macy’s have used this unique leverage for promotion.

How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Strategy
As discussed above, Google+ offers great opportunity when it comes to formulating an SEO strategy. This fantastic article is an awesome place to start optimizing your company in search engine results in a meaningful way.

Why Your Business Ought to Use Google+
This post helps you come up with a strategy to connect with people on Google+ with similar personal and professional interests. The author of this piece succeeded greatly in this, and is definitely worth hearing out.

Are you an active Google+ user? Do you find it helps your organization’s online presence? Let us know in the comments!

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