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Using Twitter for Your Small Business


In our second post on social media for your small business, we’ll be talking about Twitter. We’ll take you beyond the basics of creating accounts and keeping them active, and really delve into the meat of some great strategies to maximize your presence on sites like Twitter and Google Plus. We’ve got some great resources in store for you!

Go here to read the first post in the series, about using Facebook for small business.

Twitter can be a bit more intimidating than sites like Facebook where promotion through a fan page and ads is rather straight forward. To build a successful presence on Twitter, you will have to become familiar with the “Twitterverse” and adapt to its sometimes quirky set of rules.

Many great strategies can be found on a former ASO Blog post here, but these tips will  provide you with the basics to help get you going.

1) Schedule Your Tweets for Maximum Exposure:

This is one of the best ways to reach your followers in the most effective way possible. There are a wide variety of tools you can use to ensure you tweet when your followers are the most active.  Social media tracking or management tools (like Tweiod or Tweet Deck)  can help you to tweet for your business during hours of peak Twitter traffic.

2) Stay Interesting While Remaining Focused:

While the purpose of your small business Twitter account is to promote your company, consider your follower base. No one wants their tweet feed to be covered in a relentless stream of business promotions. Keep your posts interesting, informative and fun, while peppering in product promotion.

Don’t be afraid to include content that is easily shared, like viral videos or interesting news- but make sure you’re not regurgitating old fads or done-to-death stories. Do your research! Know Your Meme is a good place to check up on the freshness date of viral videos.

3) Be Proactive: 

Keep up with your followers and actively follow more users. Actively follow people who you think would be interested in your business. Also interact with your followers on a regular basis. Remember that retweeting will increase the chance of being retweeted, and the mentioning others will increase the chance of you getting mentioned – thus increasing the presence of your business online.

4) Integrate Your Other Social Networks and/or Blogs:

Chances are, Twitter isn’t the only social network that your followers use. Link your Twitter account with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ profiles and blogs. The more you integrate, the greater your online presence will be.

Additional Resources:

The CBS Small Business Blog has a great post about keeping your Twitter account professional and interesting. If you’re new to Twitter, or at least new to using the site as a small business tool, this article offers useful insights on finding and maintaining focus with your account activity. The post also gives some good tips on keeping your tweets relevant and interesting. Be sure to check out the “Related” posts at the end for additional tips and tricks.

The Inuit Small Business Blog also gives some good tweeting advice for the small business looking to grow its social media presence. This post addresses some of the skepticism that some small business owners might have about the payoff of investing time into their Twitter account. Some other basic questions are also answered such as how is Twitter marketing different than Facebook marketing, and what is the biggest mistake you can make when tweeting for your small business.

This article from Justin Vincent offers a great step-by-step approach to setting up and following through with a successful Twitter account (with just five minutes of commitment a day). Justin gives some fantastic real-life examples of successful tweeting which are very helpful.

This piece from Mashable discusses the new advertising tool Twitter plans on rolling out this month. Great news for small business, this new means of building an online presence your product or service will no doubt be a useful resource in the coming months.

This post from GigaOm details some of the new ways Twitter is evolving their model to cater more towards small business and advertising in general. Get caught up to speed on the latest Twitter business solutions with this article.

Have some Twitter tips for small business or links to resources? Post them in the comments!