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Android Tablet Apps for Designers

Are you a web designer and an Android user? Want to make your creativity more portable? Download these fantastic apps to your Android device. Adobe Photoshop Touch Photoshop's Android app extension, Touch puts the powers of photoshop at your disposal in tablet form. A must have for any web designer with an Android device. Adobe Shadow With Adobe shadow, you have the power to sync your internet devices to your tablet in order to run inspections and debuggings on your sites remotely. You also have the option of seeing your updates in real time. Android Web Editor Create or edit new and existing pages in HTML, PHP, Javascript directly from your Android device. Features include line numbering, hot tagging and code highlighting. PixelCalc PixelCalc effortlessly makes conversions between pixels and inches in addition to resolutions. This is a fantastic quick reference tool for any designer. AutoCAD WS Sync your designs and take them with you everywhere with this great app. Edit and update all of your designs no matter where you are with your tablet and save them using the power of the cloud. Silver Edit Create, edit and preview your pages online of offline with Silver Edit. Also manage, upload and download your files (Silver Edit supports all major file types). What web design tools do you have on your Android tablet? Let us know in the comments!


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