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Cheat Sheets for Designers

Designers: Ever wish you had a cheat sheet handy to get you through those grueling projects? We’ve compiled a list for you just for that! From Photoshop to HTML5, we’ve got you covered so you can spend less time looking things up and more time creating stunning sites.

All Around Great Resources
Browse these fantastic all-around cheat sheets to get you through your projects faster.

Tripwire Cheat Sheet Collection
This great resource from Tripwire offers 60 of the most popular cheat sheets on the internet for designers. Check out this extensive list and see what resources you can use!

Smashing Cheat Sheets
Smashing is known for its useful cheat sheets- check them all out right here.
Browse this huge list of cheat sheets sorted by category.

All Things Adobe
Check out these cheat sheets specific to Adobe tools.

Adobe Flash
A list of Adoble Flash resources from

Adobe Indesign
Check out this Indesign cheat sheet from 99 Designs for easy access to loads of useful shortcuts.

Adobe Illustrator
Another great infographic from 99 Designs with a slew of Illustrator shortcuts.

Adobe Photoshop
Have we mentioned we love 99 Designs? Use these shortcuts to get you speedily through lengthy Photoshop projects.

Front End Languages

Not the most exhaustive list, but this cheat sheet from WebMonkey gives you the most commonly needed HTML tags for easy and quick access.

These HTML5 cheat sheets from Web Design Ledger are eye-catching and can easily be made into wallpapers for your desktop background.

CSS and CSS3
These cheats from Smashing Magazine feature helpful graphs to help you visualize how your site will look when using certain cheats. Check out additional resources at the bottom of the post for other helpful front-end tools.

Have a look at this list of JavaScript cheats from and find one the best suits your needs!

What cheat sheets do you use to speed up your design projects? Let us know in the comment section!

  • Adam

    Fantastic resources guys! 😀
    I’ve made good use of MySQL cheat sheets as well… because it’s so easy, its easy to overlook a useful command ᵔᵜᵔ

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