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Job Search Resources For Web Developers and Designers

Are you a web developer or designer? About to graduate college? High school? Perhaps you’re just looking to “graduate” from your current yawn-fest of a job?  Whatever your situation, this post will give you a few sites to explore as you kick off your job hunt.

Good luck!

Know of any sites that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Careers 2.0 (from Stack Overflow)
There’s always a wealth of great opportunities listed here for programmers across different skill levels. Whether you’re looking for something at a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, this is a great place for programmers to start their search.

This designer-owned and operated site is the largest, most active site on the Internet related to hiring design professionals. It’s a must-visit for web designers and employers alike.  What’s more, there’s no membership required.

Authentic Jobs
Authentic Jobs gives both employers and job seekers plenty of freedom in the first stages of the hiring process. Search or post jobs in detailed categories like Full-time, Contract, Freelance, or Internship in addition to posting or searching jobs in a specific geographic location. You can also browse recently posted jobs in the order they were submitted.

Smashing Magazine
Similar to Authentic Jobs, Smashing Jobs connects employers to job seekers through basic job post browsing or specific searches. While you’re there, check out the great resources Smashing has to offer starting from their homepage.

37signals goes the extra mile with ultra-specific job posting categories that lets the picky job seeker go for exactly what they want. You can also subscribe to a specific category’s RSS feed that lets you directs you to the site when a new job is posted.

Mashable’s job board is also a great resource for those looking for development and design work. Filter job postings by occupation and job type for streamlined browsing. Mashable also has an RSS feed option to follow new postings.

What resources have you used to find employment opportunities in web development and design? Let us know in the comments!