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Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Tools for Small Business: Part 2

Looking for a way to measure your social media influence (or futility)? Here’s the second list of social media monitoring and analytics tools for your perusal.

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Radian6 is the ultimate listening and engaging tool for your brand. This tool opens the door for you to track conversations and trends related to your brand throughout various social networks. Not only that, but Radian6 also gives you resources to see the demographics of who is talking, their locations, and the relationships of these conversers. Finally, Radian6 affords you the power to join in on the conversation through replies, comments and other forms of social media interaction. The plans are priced, rather steeply, but this resource gives you a truly intimate view of your consumer base on the internet.


BackTweets is an innoavite (and free) tool that shows you the reach of a given tweet. See who is mentioning and retweeting your stuff, and ultimately, how powerful your tweets really are.


StepRep brands itself as a tool for “Reputation Intelligence.” In plainer words, StepRep lets you know whether your mentions on the internet are good, bad or neutral. Find out what people are saying about you brand to know what people like about your product or service and what needs improving.

Social Mention

Social Mention lets you track your brand’s mentions on multiple platforms. Whenever a mention of your product appears on Facebook, Twitter YouTube, etc., you will receive an email alerting you. Think Google Alerts for social media.

Is there a particular social media analytics tool that you use that you don’t see listed? Let us know in the comments!