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5 Strategies for Creating Effective Blog Content

Truly effective bloggers don’t attack content development on a spontaneous, day-to-day basis (well, not always) . More often than not, there’s a detailed strategy behind the content they generate, and there’s a fair amount of planning involved. Not confident in your content creation and planning chops? Check out the following tips for planning and delivering great content:

Know Exactly Who’s Reading Your Stuff
Defining your audience is essential to any successful blogger. Knowing the demographics, tech savvyness, and even the geographical location of your audience can give you some major clues for what kinds of content you should create for your readership. Also consider your writing style when reaching your audience. Soccer moms in suburbia will  respond differently to some writing styles than tech professionals in California. Click around and see how successful, established bloggers are reaching audiences similar to yours and learn from them.

Develop an Arsenal of Sources for Curation and Inspiration
Always make sure you have sources for ideas and inspiration with which to generate new content. Use curation resources like Google Reader to ensure you have always fresh sources for your blog’s content. Also check out some tools highlighted in this previous post for curation. Finally, take a gander at this tool from SEO Gadget that uses Google Insights to capitalize on current hot topics in the blogosphere.

Integrate Guest Bloggers
Integrating guest bloggers into your posts is a good way to shake things up for your blog, and also gives you a break from writing. Featuring a guest blogger may give your blog exposure to new readership and thus gives your blog some free advertising. Guest bloggers also give your readers a break from your style to look at something new and different, keeping your blog from getting too monotonous. Have a look at some great ways to find some stellar guest bloggers!

Keep Reliable Templates on Hand
Having a list of reliable ways to structure posts can save you more time and energy than you might think. Keep templates and resources for your templates so that you can have a fallback for when inspiration is running low or you find a partitical post type that your audience loves (interviews or top ten lists, for example).

Promote, Promote, Promote
No matter how good your posts are, no one will read them without some sort of promotion. Make your blog easily accessible from your main site, and post links to your posts on your social networks for maximum exposure.

Bonus Link:
Click here for a great article and infographic from SEOmoz called “The In-Depth Guide To Content Creation”. Essential reading for content planners, creators, or anyone with an interest in planning and publishing.

How do you go about planning content for your site? Let us know in the comments!

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