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Great Podcasts and Vlogs for Designers and Developers: Part II

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This is the second part of our list of great podcasts and vlogs for web designers and developers (click here for part one).

The Web Ahead
This podcast concentrates on the changing technologies of the web. The show is hosted by Jen Simmons and she brings in a new guest each week. Topics include mobile apps, CSS and other aspects of front-end web development, and more.

Think Vitamin Radio 
Started in January 2010, Think Vitamin Radio is a (almost) bi-weekly podcast discussing the latest hot topics in web design, web development and web business.

WebDev Radio
This podcast covers a broad range of topics related to web development- a great resource for developers across all skill levels.

Build & Analyze
This is another one by 5by5, the people that brought you The Big Web Show. The podcast concentrates on the iPhone, iPad, iOS and other mobile web development. Marco Arment, the founder of Instapaper, and Dan Benjamin give some expert advice on all of these topics. The two have a great rapport and the information is easy to digest.

Freelance Jam Podcast
Freelance Jam is the show for independent professionals who build the web. Hosted by Brian Casel and Dave Yankowiak  with guests from across the web industry. Topics include freelance business, web design, entrepreneurship, working from home, killer apps, and more.


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