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How To Get Started With Your A Small Orange Google Adwords Credits

This past week, we announced that all new customers signing up for A Small Orange hosting accounts will receive $75 in Google Adwords promotional credits for free! We thought this was an excellent way to help our small business customers get better exposure for the websites they host with us.

First of all, after you have signed up and received an email with your promotional code, you need to set up your Google AdWords account.

Then follow these simple steps as a starting point for setting up your first ad:

1)Target your Audience and location:

For example, If you’re a doctor in Harrisburg, PA, you will want to pick the location “United States” and the language “English” first to center your results.

You can also use Google’s Advanced options to target using a specific physical location (perhaps near or from a certain distance from your office).

More about Advanced location options can be found here. This will increase the probability of getting more qualified visitors to your site.

2) Create Your Ad:
Now you want to create an ad. First, pick a headline and some description text to grab someone’s attention. Avoid spammy words or phrases like, “Get Rich!, cash, buy now!” etc.

Using the Doctor example from Harrisburg PA, you might want to include specialties. Here’s an example:

Headline: Harrisburg Family Pediatricians

Description: Harrisburg’s  #1 family health practice. Board certified Pediatricians that care for all age groups from birth throughout life. Come see us today!

<<Display URL>>

<<Desitnation URL>>

Your display URL will be the URL that will be displayed with your ad (perhaps a shortened URL). Your Destination URL will be the page they go to on your site once the user clicks the ad.

3) Select Your Keywords:
As people search Google, they will enter in certain keywords that will pull up results related to their search. It’s important to keep your keywords targeted to what your products and services are, or what your website represents. For the above example, you might use your location, services that you specialize in, or some other factor that would register with the customers you are targeting.

There are more keyword tips here.

4) Set your pricing:
In this step you’ll want to select your currency, budget, and daily maximum CPC (Cost Per Click). Google will look at your keywords and determine how much your CPC is when someone finds and clicks on your ad. This is done by comparing your keywords to other competitors who might be using similar terms on Google.

For instance, the term “Doctor” will be much more popular, and have a more expensive CPC than the term “Harrisburg, PA Family Pediatrician.” Google lets you set daily maximums so you won’t waste all your credits on one day.

This is the first part of a 2 part series on getting started with Google Adwords.

In our next installment, we’ll discuss how to get more exposure with Google AdWords while budgeting the usage of your credits.