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How To Get The Most Out Of Your ASO Google Adwords Credits

Last week, we published a how-to article on how to get started with your free $75 Google Adwords Credits. This week, we’ll go a little more in-depth, and discuss a strategy that will help you spread out your $75 AdWords credits, with the goal of getting you more traffic for less credits.

Step 1: Research & and Starting Line Prep
Coming up with a proper strategy to kick off your Google Adwords campaign can be hard. You have a finite amount you want to spend, and you want to account for everything so you don’t waste your money.

Here are some exercises  to get you started:

a. How specialized is my site, business, product or service? Write down some words that come to mind.

b. Out of those words or phrases, rate them on how popular you believe them to be. For example, the word “software” would probably be at the top of the list, while the phrase “Beekeeping Management Software” is probably less popular.

Come up with three words or phrases that you want to target.

Step 2: Keyword Testing-  What works?
After you have your designated keywords, let’s do a little playing around to see what works for your search terms. For example, let’s say you have a website that teaches people how to get started with beekeeping, and sells beekeeping tools and supplies.

1)First, I would go to Google’s Keyword Research tool, and based on the exercise above, type in the three phrases I want to go after.

As you can see, there’s a lot of choices. There are words with high competition and others with lower competition.

2) Decide on the words you would like to use. A good strategy might be to pick a combination of terms that are still relevant to your site, but are not quite as competitive in the AdWords market.

3) Go to the Traffic Estimator Tool (top left hand corner of the keyword research dashboard)

The Traffic Estimator Tool will allow you to test how much you are willing to pay per click and set your maximum daily budget. A good tip to use: Start with the highest amount you are willing to pay for one person to click on your ad, and how many clicks you’d be willing to have per day and then go down from there.

In our beekeeping example, I started with $1.50 and $5 as my top amount to try to get the top spot for “beekeeping tools”:

After completing this step, start bidding low, (about .25 cents CPC with a $3 daily ad budget) and slowly increase your price. You want to reach the point where you are comfortable with the ad spend per day and the CPC.

Step 3: Monitoring & Making Changes
Competition and CPC rates change daily, so you will want to make sure to check in on your campaign frequently to see how you are doing. By optimizing and making adjustments, you will be able to get the most out of your Google Adwords Credits.

Need additional resources for keyword research? Check out this post on the subject from SEO Web Hosting, or use SEM Rush for competitor, industry, and term analysis.

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