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Keeping up with HTML5

Although HTML5 isn’t yet an official recommendation, it’s still evolving at a brisk pace, helping to push the web forward- but it’s not always easy to maintain awareness of the latest developments. We at A Small Orange have compiled some resources for you so you can stay on top of your HTML5 game. Know of any resources we missed? Tell us in the comments!

HTML Goodies

HTML5HTML Goodies has been helping developing developers being their journey into programming since 1994. The site is consistently updated with programming “goodies” and has an entire section devoted to an HTML5 Development Center.

HTML5 Rocks


Want some support while honing your HTML5 skills? Check out this online community of mobile, game and business devs, all brought together by the awesomeness of HTML5.


HTML5Onehundredfortywords contains a well-stocked, no-nonsense list of HTML5 resources.

DZone – HTML5 Microzone


DZone’s HTML5 Microzone has loads of up-to-date articles on all the various aspects of the language.

And last, but not least…

Cheats! DZone has also created 2 incredibly popular HTML5-focused cheat sheets. Check out the one for HTML5 and the one for HTML5 Canvas (to access, you must create a free account).