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Podcasts and Vlogs for Designers and Developers: Part I

Photo by Mingo.nl

Are you a designer, developer, or a mix of the two? Whichever way you swing, we know that a steady influx of helpful, skill-growing information is essential for any designer or developer looking to up their game.

In this two-part post, we’ll tell you about podcasts and vlogs that contain great stuff for both front-end designers and back-end developers. If you know of any other great podcasts for developers or designers, let us know in the comments!

1. The Boagworld Show 
This podcast was the first on web design and development, has won many awards and is still running strong today. Boagworld is a massive archive of information, and a must for anyone interested in web design. Creator Paul Boag has been in the game since the advent of the internet, so you could do much worse in terms of a knowledgeable resource.

 2. The Big Web Show
Each episode of the Big Web Show focuses on a different guest each episode. This gives the listener a great deal of variety and a change of pace from listening to the same couple of people each podcast. The lengths of the podcasts vary, running from 30 minutes to 50 minutes. The blog talks about web content, design, the business of web development and many other topics. The show is run by 5by5 (an internet broadcasting network) and has both vlogs and podcasts.

3. Rookie Designer 
Rookie designer is an excellent podcast for starting designers. Various aspects of the design business are discussed, with topics ranging from how to show off your portfolio, juggling clients, how to use various internet tools such as Google+, Pinterest, and others.

 4. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast
These podcasts tend to center mostly on the business side of web design. Some topics include inspiration, building your support team, and pricing as well as others.

 5. Shop Talk
Shop Talk is a podcast as well as a live call-in show! Similar to The Big Web Show, Shop Talk also has a new guest, and sometimes two, with each podcast. Listeners can also leave questions at their website, which can be heard on the podcast.

6. The Sitepoint Podcast
Here you’ll find news, opinion, and fresh thinking for web developers and designers.  Sitepoint also has a nice variety of hosts so we get a few different points of view on a topic. Transcripts are available for each episode, so you can read along if you desire. The topics are wide ranging, and with over 150 episodes in the archives, there’s plenty to listen to!