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Some CSS3 Resources

If you’re a web designer, you’ve probably heard the hype about CSS3. The latest version of CSS, CSS3 combines light code requirements which produce stunningly rich and clean web pages that load incredibly fast. If you’re new to CSS3 and want to explore its possibilities, we’ve compiled some great resources for you to explore below. Let us know what you think of these tools in the comment section!

Here are four tutorials that cover the bare-bones basics of CSS3 if you are just starting out with CSS:

Probably the best way to learn the (updated) basics of HTML and CSS for free. Tuts+ gives you a fantastic set of helpful videos to orient yourself with HTML and CSS in only 30 days.

CSS3 Resources

Speckyboy offers some great tutorials here on how to get some specific looks for your site. Check out these awesome designs that use lightbox, slideshow and image panel effects, and learn how to employ these designs on your site.

Check out these seven fun tutorials which include “Slopy” elements and 3D slideshow effects.

CSS3 Resources

For an overall overview of what CSS3 can do for you and your site, check out this Net Tuts+ tutorial. Get caught up on all your CSS3 needs in one place!

These three tutorials from A List Apart are perfect for those with CSS experience, but want to learn how to better work with this particular version:

CSS3 Resources

This post features some tips on how to create a floating box of content that is surrounded by text on your site.

This article similarly expands your toolset through teaching you how to have greater command over where things are exactly positioned on your site.

Finally, this post shows you how to program elements on your page to transfer from one color to another when that element is hovered over or clicked on.

What resources have you used to boost your CSS3 skills? Let us know in the comment section!

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