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Tools for Finding and Generating Amazing Fonts

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On a hunt for the right font for your site? Here’s some great resources to help you find what you’re looking for. Also, check out the second half of this post and use some resources we’ve found that can help you to generate your own fonts.

Tools for finding your perfect font

Google Web Fonts
Google’s open source font collection is a great places to start when searching for the look you want for your site’s typeface. Filter by thickness, slant, width, and similar font families to find a font that matches your exact needs.

Compare fonts side-by-side to find your perfect match using Typetester. This user-friendly tool lets your get super specific so you can see subtle differences between fonts.

What the Font
Have you ever been to a site with fantastic fonts and wonder how you could get that same look for your site? Plug in the URL to What the Font to find out what fonts the developer used for that site.

Tools for creating your own fonts

Fonstruct is an extremely user-friendly tool that uses shapes applied to grids as the basis for creating new fonts. After laying down your basic shapes, smooth down the rough edges and accent using the site’s powerful editing tools.

Awesome Fontstacks
Awesome Fontstacks not only gives you the tools to create beautiful fonts, but also generates the code to go along with it to save you time and energy.

Fontifier takes scanned images of your own handwriting and constructs a custom font based on it.

FontForge gives you total command of creating new fonts with its extensive set of powerful editing tools. Not super user-friendly, but perfect for the perfectionist.

Further inspiration

Check out these sites for great inspiration for discovering and creating amazing typography for your site:

From How Interactive Design
From Web Design Ledger
From I Love Typography

What are some tools you turn to for font creation or inspiration? Let us know in the comments!