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Tools for Measuring and Tracking Twitter Metrics

Does Twitter drive traffic to your website or blog? Is it an integral part of your small business or brand? If so, you probably want to know how much of a role it’s actually playing in growing your online presence. Here’s some tools to help you drill down into the numbers behind your tweets.

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Twitter Counter

This easy and quick tool gives you the basic metrics of your Twitter account (followers, Tweets, overall rank based on number of followers, and rank based on location). The site also gives shows how many followers you’ve gained over time and predicted number of followers over certain periods of time. Use this as a basic framework to track your follower progress over time.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics digs deep into your site’s metrics to produce powerful metrics to track your Twitter performance. Like you would to track your company’s site, log in with your site’s information first (not your Twitter handle). After logging in, make your way to “Referring Sites” via “Traffic Sources.” In the “Find Source” bar, type “Twitter.” From the resulting graphs, you can not only track how effective your Twitter is, not only in terms of followers, but also in terms of how many people are visiting your account. Tracking both metrics concurrently will give you a good idea of how many people follow you after visiting your Twitter page. Use this information to determine what strategies are the most effective in garnering followers.


Twitalyzer organizes groups of related metrics and shows you how these metrics and camps of metrics change over time. Their “Influence” measure, for example, shows how often other users either retweet or reference your account. Check out Twitalyzer to see how your Twitter measures up and how it can improve in this and 28 other metrics.


TwitSprout breaks down your Twitter metrics in ultra-detailed formats to give you a precise picture of what is the most effective way to reach your audience and increase your number of followers. This site uses the “New Followers” metric by showing you what content you post is the most effective, as well as what times of day your followers are most active. You can use these metrics to boost your performance by pinpointing effective content and scheduling tweets when they will have the most exposure (try tools like TweetDeck¬†for this).



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