Website Speed-Up Round-Up

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We could all use a faster website. Here’s a few links that can help you take your site from sluggish to speedy in no time. Sure, the article titles may not vary too much, but there’s good advice to be found in each one. Know of any techniques these articles haven’t mentioned? Share em’ in the comments!

15 Tools To Help Speed Up Your Website

15 Surefire Ways To Speed Up Your Site

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Site

29 Ways To Speed Up Your Site


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One Response to Website Speed-Up Round-Up

  1. Sean says:
    February 3, 2014 at 3:29 pm.

    Thanks for the links. I agree fast sites are a must especially with the search engines these days. If your using joomla 2.5 or joomla even I have found a few plugins and components. JCH which compresses and minifys all scripts and also merges javascript and css scripts and lazy image loader which makes it so any unseen images don’t load until scrolled to making the page load faster. Also jotcache which caches way faster than the standard cache on the website and makes the site load alot faster.

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