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We're all about delivering great service at ASO, whether you're a new or long time customer. However, we know the people who use our services are intelligent folk that aren't averse to learning new things. There may be a time where you may want to troubleshoot a problem without any assistance, or maybe you just want a quick answer to a simple question. Enter the ASO Knowledgebase, a clear, well-organized compendium of hosting-related information that can help you with pre-purchase and billing inquiries, domain and 3rd party software info, and a whole lot more. There's even a how-to section that covers cPanel and a variety of other stuff. Keep in mind this is always a work-in-progress, as our team members will be modifying existing entries and creating new ones on an ongoing basis, depending upon what's needed. Oh, and is there something you feel would be important to include in the Knowledgebase that isn't there yet? Email jim [at] asmallorange [dot] [com] and we'll see that it gets added! Got a question or inquiry that the Knowledgebase can't handle? No problem. Our techs are always happy to help you out at anytime, 24/7/365. Email them with your issue at help [at] asmallorange [dot] [com], or you can hit up our live chat folks right here. Simply click on the green icon on the left of the screen that says "live help" to get in touch. Thanks for hosting with us! Need hosting with great support? Check out A Small Orange‚Äôs SharedResellerBusiness, or Dedicated hosting plans! 


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