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Web Design Inspiration Site Round-Up

Photo via El Negro Magnifico


As you know, a designer is nothing without outside inspiration. No matter how downright amazing we think our work may be, looking outside our own imagination always promises the possibility of new ideas and directions. Here’s a few sites that can help you to think outside your existing parameters and discover something new to inspire you for your next design/development endeavor.

What sites do you visit to get inspired for design/development projects?

Site Inspire: Browse over 2,000 sites by style, theme, and type, or just search randomly. You can also submit your own work, or search on the job boards for a design  or development gig.

Web Creme: Hundreds of pages worth of sites in a traditional blog format. No real navigation beyond the pages, so you can flip through pages and pages of sites without any distractions.

The FWA: An extremely deep portal of web design inspiration, dating back to the year 2000.

Little Big Details: “Your daily dose of UI inspiration.”

Design Fridge: Inspiration and resources on web design and development.

Communication Arts Web Picks: A collection of recommended sites from the design experts at Communication Arts (a fine periodical in its own right).

  • Very precise and inspirational Blog! Let me tell you Jim that inspiration has always been the mother of all inventions, be it a simple light bulb or a unique web design appreciated world wide. Anyways some nice inspirational stuff listed above 🙂