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4 PHP Tutorial Resources

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Need to learn PHP, but clueless as to where to go for the best tutorials and resources?Here’s a few user-friendly sites to get you pointed in the right direction.  Have a resource we missed? Tell us in the comments. Oh, and feel free to share your experiences with the listed resources, if that applies.

1) phpacademy

phpacademy has a large list of free video tutorials specializing in (you guessed it) PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and CSS. Here’s the first video in the “PHP Basics” series to get you started, entitled “Setting Up A Web Server”

2) TutsPlus: “The Best Way To Learn PHP”

From the Tuts site: “This series is intended to be your blueprint, your road map, your plan of action for learning your topic of choice! You don’t have to worry about finding the best resources, sorting out the bad ones, and figuring out what to learn next. It’s all here. Just follow it, step by step.”

3) .NET Magazine: “Get Started With PHP”

From the .NET site: “This excerpt is from Chapter 3 of PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, the new 2012 edition of Kevin Yank’s bestselling SitePoint book Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site (4th ed).”

4)  CoreDogs: Why Learn PHP?

If you’re looking to learn some of the web’s core tech, and also enjoy the company of a friendly dog,  check out CoreDogs. It combines clear tutorials with a light sense of humor that helps to ease the initial intimidation one may feel when learning new tech.

This particular article doesn’t just start off blurting instructions at you- it eases you in with an explanation as to WHY you’re learning PHP and why it can be beneficial (which can certainly help those who may not know any better!).

Good luck! Hope these are helpful.


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